ArtPod as guest
26 March – 31 December 2021

"Art, as this show well worth seeing shows, can certainly be fun without having to be platitudinous" (Stuttgarter Zeitung).

Art as an open playing field

Art to touch, to experience and even to play with? That seems unthinkable in a museum. Doesn't convention envisage exactly the opposite behaviour: Silence, distance and reverence for the work?

PLAY is an open playing field with artworks that invite you to join in, to look at or to simply marvel and experience. So you get to throw balls at one work, you get to erase another work. There are works on which you can write and you can draw or stick something on a wall. There are switches with which you can turn something on, there are works that you are allowed to step on and there is an unusual  The non-profit collective ArtPod, which operates in Berlin and New York, turns museum convention on its head with its exhibitions. They bring together contemporary works by international artists, all of whom interact with visitors directly and without inhibitions.

Regardless of age, everyone is invited to playfully conquer art for themselves. We recommend a visit with children from the age of 6.

List of artists

Anna Anders (Berlin), Guy Ben Ner (Tel Aviv), Courtney Childress (New York), Olafur Eliasson (Berlin), Frederik Foert (Berlin, Vienna, Beijing), Matthias Garff (Leipzig), Björn Heyn (Berlin), Katharina Lackner (Linz), Gregor Graf (Linz), Maxine Leu (New York, Taipei), Klaus Lutz (New York), Frank Matter (Basel), Stefanie Pöllot (Nuremberg), Stefan Saffer (New York, Berlin), Dustin Schenk (Kassel), Jennifer Dalton (New York), Egil Sæbjörnsson (Berlin), Jeila Gueramian (New York), Timo Kahlen (Berlin), Ciprian Mureşan (Cluj), Joseph Herscher (New York).

Supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg.