Art meets comedy

Following on from our series "Art Meets Art", we are devoting our new video series to the field of comedy. What happens when comedians meet works of art by Old Masters? In "Art Meets Comedy" we invite interesting personalities from the comedy scene to a rendezvous in the Staatsgalerie. In the short films, they take viewers on their very own tour of the museum and show new and exhilarating approaches to art.

Teddy Tedros Teclebrhan

He is known throughout Germany as Antoine, Percy or simply as Teddy - Tedros Teclebrhan. In his role as Antoine Burtz, the comedian and musician filmed his music video "Mona Lisa" in our collection. In this video he meets the works in our museum. Without a script, of course, with a lot of spontaneity and wit.


In this episode, Dodokay visits us. Dominik Kuhn is a producer, comedian and language artist. He became known in 2006 under the pseudonym "Dodokay" through his new dubbings in Swabian, which were first published on YouTube - it's logical that he interprets the Old Masters accordingly!

Cordula Stratmann

In this episode, comedian Cordula Stratmann takes a close look at classical modernism. Why do women have to be undressed to be painted? That was just one of her questions to art.