Das rechteckige Werk setzt sich aus vielen gleichen schwarzen Quadraten zusammen.

Contemporary Art

The heterogeneity of contemporary art is reflected in the multitude of media, themes, perspectives and questions in the collection. It thus outlines the diverse manifestations of contemporary art, which no longer wants to follow a fixed canon and cannot be categorised into styles. The collection comprises around 300 works.

International Contemporary Art

Works by Bridget Riley, Neo Rauch, Katharina Grosse, Karin Kneffel and Michel Majerus testify to the different approaches in the current engagement with the medium of painting. A special focus of the collection is on positions that work with video technology and stimulate a dialogue with the extensive collection of time-based art in the Staatsgalerie. Stan Douglas, Francis Alÿs and Marcel Odenbach explore relevant issues such as violence, discrimination and exclusion in their socio-politically motivated film works. Christian Marclay, Julian Rosefeldt and Hito Steyerl, on the other hand, deal with topics such as the museum as a contemporary institution, the role of the artist in today's society and artificial intelligence.

Media Diversity

Haegue Yang, Teresa Margolles, Tacita Dean, Jeff Koons and Karin Sander also work with different media and reveal a broad spectrum of approaches. Works by Richard Deacon, Marc Dion, Kalin Lindena, Ulla von Brandenburg, Anish Kapoor and Judith Hopf also offer an overview of the diversity of perspectives in the sculptural field, ranging from an experimental approach to forms and materials to a preoccupation with the human figure and its spatial location.


The Collection in the Future

In order to adequately reflect the wide range and diversity of contemporary art, the collection is continually being expanded through new acquisitions and donations. The Staatsgalerie concentrates on works that address socially relevant themes and are exhibition-related. This also includes constantly rethinking the stories of the collection from a contemporary, global perspective and the rapidly changing social realities.

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