The Eduard Fuchs Collection in the Staatsgalerie

We frequently receive enquiries from researchers, museums and also from the art trade about works from the Eduard Fuchs Collection. Since he was a collector who was persecuted for political reasons during the National Socialist era, there is often uncertainty about how to assess the provenance of such works. This was taken as an opportunity to examine the holdings in the Staatsgalerie. In fact, we own 12 paintings, 58 postcards, 1 bookplate, one book and four lithographs. This means that we have the most works from the Fuchs Collection. The main reason for this is the donation of several works of art by the nephew Theodor Fuchs in 1960. These may be regarded as unproblematic.

However, the acquisition of the triptych by Max Slevogt: »The Prodigal Son is problematic«.