To the Museum of Modern Dreams | Artists' positions from the 1960s to the 1980s

Works from the collection, the "Günther and Renate Hauff Bequest" and the "Konrad Kohlhammer Foundation".
23 June – 30 September 2012

"Experience teaches that whoever begins to collect in any field feels a transformation lifting in his soul. He becomes a joyful person, filled with a deeper participation, and a more open understanding of the things of this world moves his soul." (Alfred Lichtwark, "The Collector", 1912)

Art-loving people who selflessly and with great commitment collect not only for themselves but also for the public have entrusted their treasures to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. We would like to honour these very special patrons with this exhibition and catalogue: With the "Günther and Renate Hauff Bequest", around 800 etchings and, through the "Konrad Kohlhammer Foundation", over 1,800 prints in a wide variety of printing techniques as well as some drawings have so far come into the trusted hands of the "Friends of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart" and thus on loan to the Prints and Drawings Department.

For the current presentation, a selection of 140 sheets by 21 artists from the approximately 2,600 works on paper from both foundations was combined with paintings and sculptures from the museum's own holdings on the theme of "Artist Positions of the 1960s to 1980s". This view of the invaluable assets of the collection once again demonstrates the high level and diversity that a museum like the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart can offer. In view of restrictions in the acquisition budgets of state museums, however, support from donors and patrons is needed more than ever to ensure that the collection can be taken into the future, in accordance with the motto addressed by Robin Page on his transport box To the Museum of Modern Dreams and the associated hope that these dreams will be realised.