Love is in the Bin

7 March 2019 – 2 February 2020

In October 2018, the street art artist Banksy shreds his work "Girl with Balloon" at the auction house Sotheby`s precisely at the moment of the auctioneer`s knockdown. A planned action that achieved ultimate media attention worldwide and turned the image into an icon. Banksy is currently probably the most globally known artist, who nevertheless manages to keep his identity hidden and leave many questions unanswered. The self-destruction of his Balloon Girl was and still is the cause of controversial discussions on art, the art market and the museum.

We showed the work in our collection in 2019 in changing locations. In doing so, we tested how this icon of the contemporary art and media world presents itself as an artistic work in the context of over 850 years of art history. Whether Rembrandt's "Self Portrait with Red Cap," Duchamp's "Bottle Dryer," Monet's "Fields in Spring," Lucio Fontana's cutaway painting, or Broodthaers` signs, Banksy finds his place in the tradition of art.

Shredding the Girl and Balloon