Looking at …

1 May – 5 December 2016

Images of people are constantly changing. In reality and in art, which for a long time and across all media has been the portrait as a genre. What do portraits mean to artists today? What questions do they ask of the genre? What formal and pictorial solutions do they find in their explorations of questions about being and the position of people in the world and society in which they live?

Under the title "Looking at ..." the current series of the Videobox concentrates on cinematic portraits - in the narrower sense of individual people, groups or oneself as well as extended portraits of places and landscapes.

Selected films and videos by international artists and filmmakers, both young and established, who work in documentary, experimental, essayistic or narrative form, are shown in bimonthly rotation. Many of them break away from traditional parameters of the portrait genre and blur the boundaries between documentary and fiction. Without the classical absolute claim to the "truthfulness" of cinematic portraits, they create media images of people and places of often great intensity and expressiveness.