Glimpses. Views. Impressions.

Masterworks of French Impressionism
13 May – 13 November 2016

The paintings, prints and sculptures are all from the Staatsgalerie's holdings. The combination of masterpieces of painting and sculpture with outstanding works on paper conveys a remarkably cohesive picture of the era.

Major works such as Cézanne's "Bathers in Front of a Tent," Monet's "Fields in Spring," and Renoir's "By the Fireplace" mingle with rarely or never before shown works. For example, Edgar Degas' important pastel "The Bath, Woman Drying Herself" - not exhibited or lent for a long time due to its conservational condition - comes to the public's attention again for the first time. At the end of the cross-section through the stages of this style are important works of Post-Impressionism, such as Paul Gauguin's "Where are you going?", Odilon Redon's "Fighting Angel" and his cycle "Les Fleurs du Mal", which has never been shown in its entirety at the Staatsgalerie. These paintings and works on paper transport the viewer to exotic and visionary worlds. The structure of the exhibition follows the classical genres of landscape, portrait, interior, nude and still life. It allows the visitor new forms of encounter and thus a different perception of the familiar objects. Not only the thematic grouping of the genres, but also the different techniques testify to the versatility of this era.

From May 13 to November 13, stroll through the landscapes of early and late Impressionism in the Staatsgalerie, enter the interiors of the 19th century, dine from the richly laid tables of still lifes. We wish you much pleasure!