Flora Awakening

Masterworks from the Collection Arthur and Hedy Hahnloser-Bühler
3 February – 18 June 2017

Convinced that it was necessary to live with one's finger on the pulse of the times, the Swiss couple Arthur and Hedy Hahnloser-Bühler assembled an extensive collection of Post-Impressionist art between 1906 and 1936.
From van Gogh to Cézanne, from Manet to Vallotton, from Manguin to Renoir, almost all the great pioneers of artistic modernism are represented in it. The focus of this unique collection is on the Nabis artists Félix Vallotton, Pierre Bonnard and Édouard Vuillard, as well as the Fauves around Henri Matisse.

Through their works and the friendly exchange that united artists and collectors, Villa Flora, the Hahnlosers' home, became a place of unity of art and life and of the dawn of modernity. Its radiance had a stimulating effect on public collecting beyond the boundaries of private patronage.

The exhibition "Flora Awankening" presented around 100 paintings and sculptures by 15 artists from the historic Hahnloser Collection. These entered into a dialogue with the holdings of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart - public and private collecting thus became vivid in its fruitful interaction.

Exhibition catalog

A richly illustrated catalog in German has been published to accompany the exhibition;
100 pages, 128 color ill.
28.5 x 22 cm, hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-95498-286-8

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