500 years Herrenberg altar

Jerg Ratgeb's masterpiece
27 September 2019 – 12 January 2020

500 years ago, the monumental Herrenberg altar by Jerg Ratgeb was commissioned by the Brothers of the Common Life for the Herrenberg Collegiate Church. This special anniversary was celebrated jointly by the Protestant church in Herrenberg and the Stuttgart State Gallery.

Ratgeb succeeded like hardly any other artist of his time in putting the most diverse emotions into the picture. The Herrenberg altar is characterized by a dramatic and moving pictorial narrative that has a lasting effect on visitors to this day.

During the anniversary, the Herrenberg Collegiate Church was presented in multimedia form in the State Gallery, so that altar and church were virtually brought together for a limited period of time. Numerous events in Herrenberg and Stuttgart provided special insights into the origin of the altar, its original location and its creator Jerg Ratgeb.

Between two worlds

In this film, Max the tit and Eli the magpie travel to their birthplace of Herrenberg and talk about the significance of the altar and its history. The film was produced on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Herrenberg Altar on behalf of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, the city of Herrenberg and the Protestant community there. With the kind support of, among others, the Innovation Fund for Art of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts in Baden-Württemberg, the Berthold Leibinger Foundation, the Wüstenrot Foundation and the company Roman Klis Design.

Film: Tweeting two worlds

Duration: 5:32 min

Film producer: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, city and evangelical community of Herrenberg

Director: Valentin Hennig & Oleg Kauz

script: Sandra-Kristin Diefenthaler, Steffen Egle, Valentin Hennig, Oleg Kauz

Voice actors: Theresa Kempf (titmouse), Christian W. Steiner (magpie)

Animation & Compositing: Oleg Kauz

Camera: Valentin Hennig & Oleg Kauz

Music: Indigo by Eveningland & The Plan`s Working by Cooper Cannell, 7 La hache er le cano by Pousse Mousse, CC by https://freemusicarchive.org/music/

Sound: Valentin Hennig & Oleg Kauz Vox Pop: Dean Eberhard Feucht, Church Councilor Regina Franke