09.12.2000 – 29.04.2001

Yves Tanguy and Surrealism

A retrospective exhibition marking the centenary of the birth of one of the pioneers of Surrealism, Yves Tanguy, will be organized and presented by the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart in December 2000.  Like Salvador Dalì, Max Ernst and Alberto Giacometti, the works of all three having already been shown in comprehensive exhibitions at the Staatsgalerie, this Breton artist belonged to the small circle of avant-garde artists which had formed itself in Paris during the twenties. The extent to which Yves Tanguy committed himself to the Surrealist movement is evidenced by his decisive involvement in the movement's manifestos, publications and exhibitions, whether in Paris, Brussels, London, Prague, New York or Mexico.

Yves Tanguy's enigmatic imagery, which to this day has remained very much a mystery, fascinated André Breton, the leading light of the Surrealist movement, from the very beginning, for he recognized in Yves Tanguy a painter of uncommon intellectual affinity to himself. Right up until his death in 1955, Tanguy proclaimed a world of the imagination, a world of dreams and fantasy. The exhibition will focus on his Surrealist landscapes, a theme to which Tanguy devoted himself like no other throughout his life.  Tanguy lent his Surrealist visions, with their bizarre forms, half reminiscent of marine plants, and their will-o'-the-wisp-like luminescence, a character all their own. Indeed, it is precisely his landscapes, with their mysterious depth of meaning, which have determined the character of Tanguy's oeuvre as a whole.  The exhibition will be showing approximately 80 loaned paintings from all phases of his work, beginning with his early paintings of 1926/7 and continuing all the way through to his late works which he painted in Waterbury, Connecticut, in his adopted country of America.  So as to visualize the works of Tanguy in the context of their time, this panorama of paintings will be complemented by a selection of the works of such like-minded contemporaries as De Chirico, Dalì, Ernst, Masson, Miró and Oelze.

Under the patronage of the Comitée Tanguy, this centenary exhibition will comprise works loaned from both public and private collections. Most of the works will come from abroad, and mainly from France and the United States.

Following its presentation at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, which will be its only venue in Europe, this retrospective exhibition will be shown at the famous Menil Collection, Houston/Texas, from May until August 2001.

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