19.02. – 22.05.2005

Walter Stöhrer

Etching and Painting

»the sea is there, but not the boat«

Walter Stöhrer’s spontaneous artistic expression, which never submitted to
fashionable trends, makes him one of the rebellious loners of German art in
the second half of the 20th century. Throughout the decades he held to the
figurative and hardly ever worked in an abstract manner. The exhibition will
present works from 40 years of Stöhrer’s career as an artist. The selection will
highlight the important role of the drypoint which the artist used as a starting
point for his paintings. Furthermore, the exhibition will underline the general
importance of the graphic arts for the œuvre of the artist who was born in
Stuttgart in 1937. After studying with hap grieshaber at the academy in
Karlsruhe he moved to Berlin in 1960. Here he started his intensive exploration
of the etching techniques.

Walter Stöhrer died in Scholderup at the Baltic coast in 2000.
Far away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis he had been working in
his studio intensively as well as independently for many years.

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