11.08. – 28.10.2001

Peter Sehringer

The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart dedicates a large exhibition to the richly facetted oeuvre of the 43-years-old Stuttgart painter Peter Sehringer. On show are approximately 30 large-format paintings evidencing the significant turning point in his painting at the beginning of the 1990s – away from his abstract "colour space painting" to a kind of painting which is more representational, that is, painting which takes the object as its point of departure. Whereas in his art informel of the 1980s Sehringer waived the lines and forms of documentary depiction in favour of the formlessness of sheer spontaneity, he has, since the beginning of the 1990s, been deliberately restricting the scope within which he works as a painter, drawing on a diversity of objective and ornamental sources, e.g. photographs of animals, people and landscapes, as well as floral patterns and fabric designs. Sehringer begins his work by projecting the contours of these motifs onto wooden panels.  In a technical regard, too, Sehringer largely renounces spontaneous gesture in these paintings, for he uses an encrustation technique which demands a carefully preconceived, layer-by-layer application.  In parallel with these works, Sehringer has, since 1997, again been using a gestural style of painting, creating a relief effect by spontaneously spraying colour onto the work.

Sehringer seeks to track down those enigmatic attractions which lie dormant in objects and textures.  He alienates his motifs through a playful treatment of ambivalent forms, enlargements, colour tones and optical illusions, subtly blurring the borderline between the representational and the abstract.  Both his style of painting and his titles, the latter often inspired by mythology and music, awaken moods and associations in the viewer.  Without aiming at depiction, Sehringer creates artificial, poetical realities by searching out, and heightening, the enigmatic, beautiful and fascinating content of actual reality.

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