03.07. – 07.11.2004

Munch, Nolde, Beckmann...

Private treasures from Southern Germany

Thanks to generous loans from as many as 35 private collectors in South Germany, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart will for several months be affording its visitors a fascinating and exclusive insight into the world of the dedicated art collector.

The exhibition comprises around 120 works of classic modernism, one of the most exciting chapters of the history of art. Works seldom or never exhibited hitherto exemplify the boldness of form and aesthetic innovation of the famous representatives of the European avant-garde.

The exhibition is arranged chronologically, beginning with one of the forerunners of modernism, Edvard Munch, and the French movements of Cubism and Fauvism. They are followed by masterpieces of Expressionism by renowned members of “Die Brücke”, including Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Otto Mueller. Also on display are vividly colourful paintings by Emil Nolde and some outstanding examples of the work of Max Beckmann painted in exile.

The “Brücke” movement in Dresden and Berlin is complemented by works of the most important protagonists of the Munich group “Der Blaue Reiter”, the universal aesthetic objectives of which are reflected in the lyrical, at times abstract paintings of Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, August Macke, Gabriele Münter and Paul Klee, and also in a whole series of works by Alexej von Jawlensky.

Also shown in the exhibition are works by the Stuttgart artists Adolf Hölzel and Willi Baumeister, both of whom manifested a strong tendency towards Constructivism, as well as paintings by the Bauhaus teachers Oskar Schlemmer, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Lyonel Feininger. This spectrum of the European avant-garde – the showing of which is the exclusive privilege of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart – are impressively rounded off by superb examples of “New Objectivity” (Otto Dix, Christian Schad) and Surrealism (Yves Tanguy, Salvador Dalí).

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