27.04. – 28.07.2002

Karin Sander

The forthcoming Karin Sander project is not only a further sequel to our series of solo exhibitions of living artists of international renown, such as Walter De Maria, Daniel Buren, Frank Stella, Maria Nordman, Rosemarie Trockel, but also further underlines the basic idea behind this series, namely to present the work of artists whose approach is primarily conceptual.

Although her artistic roots are in Conceptual and Minimal Art, Karin Sander undermines such classifications just as she also calls in question other, non-art-related definitions or enlarges upon them to create a mobile spectrum of possible interpretations.

As a rule, Karin Sander works in situ.  Starting out from a "found" context, she creates a "new" context which is identical, often an exact "duplicate", the only difference being that it is in a "questionable" place: a place of art, a place which makes the viewer ask questions, and hence think.

The exhibition will thus include site- and room-specific installations which will sharpen the viewer's awareness of the relationship and interaction between the work of art and its support (wall, room, institution), and there will also be other objects which, rather than establishing such a relationship or interaction from the outset, will develop them gradually, in the course of the exhibition.

These last-named objects will comprise lifelike reproductions of visitors to the exhibition, produced to the scale of 1: 7.7 (approx.) by means of a 3D body scanner and state-of-the-art digital technology.  Every visitor to the exhibition may choose – against payment of a fee still to be decided on (probably about 80 euros) – to stand as a model and then figure in the exhibition as an exhibit for the rest of its duration. These body scans will then be included – as a donation – in the Staatsgalerie's permanent collection.

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