13.05. – 13.11.2016

Glimpses. Views. Impressions.

Masterworks of French Impressionism

The paintings, works on paper and sculptures are all drawn from the rich holdings of the Staatsgalerie. The combination of masterpieces of painting and sculpture with outstanding works on paper conveys a compelling and wellrounded picture of the period.

Key works, like Cézanne’s “Bathers in Front of a Tent”, Monet’s “Fields in Spring” and Renoir’s “By the Fireside”, are presented alongside rarely or never-shown works. Degas’ important pastel painting “The Tub, Woman Drying Herself”, which is very fragile and has not been exhibited – or lent – in many years, makes a rare public appearance.

The exhibition closes with important Post-Impressionist works, among them Paul Gauguin’s “Where are you Going?”, Odilon Redon’s “Warrior Angel” and the complete set of Redon’s “Les Fleurs du Mal” cycle, which has never been shown at the Staatsgalerie in its entirety. These paintings and works on paper conjure exotic and visionary worlds.

The layout of the exhibition follows the classic genres: landscape, portrait, interior, the nude and still life. This arrangement allows for new forms of encounters and invites the viewer to see the familiar objects in a different context. The thematic, genre-based hang and the range of different artistic techniques convey a sense of the creative diversity of the period.

This year, from 13 May to 13 November, the Staatsgalerie invites you to take a stroll through landscapes of early and late Impressionism, to step inside nineteenth-century interiors, and to allow the richly laid tables of the still lifes to whet your appetite. We hope you enjoy your visit!

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