15.10.2004 – 23.01.2005

Europe in upheaval

prints and drawings 1900 – 1930 from the Graphic Collections of the Ungarische Nationalgalerie, the Museum der Schönen Künste Budapest, and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Due to the eastern expansion of the European Union, this exhibition presents the art of the avant-garde of the early 20th century as a movement which united artists, writers and intellctuals throughout Europe.
They had overcome the nationalism of that time as well as the antiquated feudal society systems which were to parish during the First World War.

Both the technique of drawing because of its expressiveness and the technique of printing, predestined as a medium of expression for political and artistic manifestos, were revaled at that time.

The exhibition will display Cézanne and Picasso who gave the incentive to modern art, the founders of constructivism as well as artists of the avant-garde from fauvism and cubism to Dada and surrealism as well as on lesser known individual artists.

The focus will both be on German and Hungarian representatives of famous groups like the “Brücke” ans the “Acht”, as well as on lesser known individual artists. As the exhibition is able to select from the collections of both Budapest and Stuttgart, comparisons can be made for the first time. These elucidate the Hungarian contribution to modern art.

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