26.3. – 31.12.2021


ArtPod zu Gast

Katharina Lackner, Gregor Graf, Tschieep Tschieep, 2015, Foto: © Gregor Graf

ArtPod as a Guest


Art as an open playing field

Art that you can touch, experience and even play with? That seems almost unimaginable in a museum. Doesn't convention call for exactly the opposite kind of behaviour: Silence, distance and reverence for the work?

PLAY is an open playing field with works of art that invite you to join in or to simply marvel at and experience. For instance, you are allowed to throw something on one work, and erase another work. You can paint or stick something on a wall or there are works on which you can write. There are switches with which you can switch something on, there are works that you can trample and there is an unusual chewing gum machine.

Regardless of age, everyone is invited to playfully discover art for themselves.


Anna Anders (Berlin), Guy Ben Ner (Tel Aviv), Courtney Childress (New York), Olafur Eliasson (Berlin), Frederik Foert (Berlin, Wien, Beijing), Matthias Garff (Leipzig), Björn Heyn (Berlin), Katharina Lackner (Linz), Gregor Graf (Linz), Maxine Leu (New York, Taipei), Klaus Lutz (New York), Frank Matter (Basel), Stefanie Pöllot (Nürnberg), Stefan Saffer (New York, Berlin), Dustin Schenk (Kassel), Jennifer Dalton (New York), Egil Sæbjornsson (Berlin), Jeila Gueramian (New York), Timo Kahlen (Berlin), Ciprian Mureşan (Cluj), Joseph Herscher (New York)

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