Love is in the Bin

Few contemporary artists have generated bigger news headlines recently than the British street artist Banksy. Despite the intense media attention, he has successfully kept his name and identity hidden and continues to leave many questions unanswered. His latest stunt, the self-destruction of his 'Balloon Girl' at an auction in October 2018, has been described as 'quite possibly the biggest prank in art history' and has given rise to widespread discussion. Acquired by a European collector who wishes to remain anonymous, the work is now on long-term loan to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, where its display encourages public debate. Presented in the museum context, it has to stand up to key works from the history of art - from Rembrandt to Duchamp and from Holbein to Picasso.

In our museum, »Love Is in the Bin« will now be placed on view and put up for discussion in various contexts within the collection. Can you find the artwork in our collection?

Shredding the Girl and Balloon

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