Blitzlichtfoto eines Körpers, der ein kurzes rotes Kleid trägt, auf einer Küchenzeile, der Körper hat keinen Kopf und Oberkörper, die Füsse sind überkreuzt und die Arme L-förmig nach oben gehoben.

Fotosommer Stuttgart 2024

20 July – 8 September 2024

in THE GÄLLERY – Raum für Fotografie


The Fotosommer Stuttgart 2024 is dedicated to the theme of "Transformation". Presently, we are facing enormous challenges. Climate change and the pandemic, migration and the ageing population as well as the transformation from an industrialised to a digital society demand a considerable degree of willingness to change. After all, if we do not change ourselves and do not transform our consumption of resources, our forms of economic activity and the way we treat our fellow human beings, we are jeopardising our future. 

The central main exhibition of the Fotosommer at THE GÄLLERY shows works by 22 artists who approach the theme from very different angles and focus on a variety of phenomena of transformation – such as the close interactions between nature and culture, processes of economic and ecological structural change and youth and old age as phases of transition in life. At the same time, many of the works presented are also about photography itself. For its part, photography is a medium of transformation: it transforms light into images, captures the three-dimensional world in a two-dimensional surface and fixes the passing of time. Photography does not provide transparent images, but pictorial transformations of visible reality. Photography invites us to adopt different perspectives and challenges us to direct our view in ever new directions. In this way, it can inspire our thinking about the possibilities and opportunities for change. 

With works by Sabine Bungert & Stefan Dolfen, Sinje Dillenkofer, Jule Ehlenz, Gabriele Engelhardt, Benjamin Friedle, Matthias Gödde, Diane Gorman, Leon Adam Haas, Miriam Häfele, Anne Lara Kraft, Ingar Krauss, Karsten Kronas, Elisa Lohmüller, Marlene Müller, Mara Pollak, Eva Schmeckenbecher, Julia Scholl, Magdalena Stengel, Ania Sudbin, Sven Weber, Stephan Zirwes. 

The "Transformation" exhibition at the Staatsgalerie from 20 July to 8 September 2024 forms the prominent centrepiece of the wide-ranging Photo Summer programme. During the core period of the festival from 19 July to 27 July 2024, exhibitions and events on the theme of transformation will take place in numerous Stuttgart galleries. You can find more information at

In cooperation with Fotosommer Stuttgart e. V.

Credit: Marlene Müller, Bild aus der Serie „Ode an die Garderobe“, 2021, © Marlene Müller

Freier Eintritt am Eröffnungswochenende vom 19.7. bis 21.7. in die gesamte Staatsgalerie!