Ein Mann steht im Schauatelier und restauriert Bildschirme.

Nam June Paik

Beuys Video Wall

Objectives and tasks

The work was restored for the exhibition "Joseph Beuys. The Space Curator".

The video sculpture consisting of 44 picture tube televisions - and homage to Joseph Beuys - had not been presented in the Staatsgalerie for more than 20 years.

In order to ensure a stable presentation, all components of the sculpture had to be checked with regard to a long-term exhibition duration and, if necessary, reworked. The imaging media (four laserdiscs) had to be digitised for this purpose.

Information about the object

Title: Beuys Video Wall (Beuys Hat) Beuys Video Wall (Beuys Hat)
Date: 1990
Dimensions: height: 350 cm; width: 660 cm; depth: 230 cm
Technique: various materials
Inv. no.: P 1041

Restoration period: 2019-2020

Arnaud Obermann, M.A. Rest. for Media Art
Herman Degel

Methodology and procedure

After recording the actual condition, a comprehensive restoration concept for the video sculpture could be created. All the picture tube televisions (as well as 16 replacement units) were refurbished by an external service provider - Christian Draheim and the company Colorvac. The digitisation of the laserdiscs was done in-house. In consultation with the former Paik assistant Jochen Saueracker, the restorers of the Staatsgalerie were able to uncover all the functional connections and document the essential work steps for a renewed presentation of the sculpture.

The restoration was made possible by the