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By 1952 Ottmar Domnick, the Stuttgart-based neurologist, art collector and committed adherent of the avantgarde, was already considering the Staatsgalerie as a possible home for his collection: as a core part of its contemporary collection, directing the museum to the art of the present.

However, scarcity of space and other reservations led to another solution: to the unusual private museum built in the beautiful hills above the small town of Nürtingen. The house was built in 1967 to a design by Paul Stohrer which perfectly combined painting and architecture, sculpture in natural surroundings to create a uniquely artistic environment.

Eventually the house and collections became a foundation run by the State of Baden-Württemberg. The link between the foundation and the Staatsgalerie was strengthened by their joint care of the collection. [ WE ]

The Domnick Collection on the internet: www.domnick.de


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