Master of the Erbach Panels (Giotto di Bondone?) (c. 1330/1340) »Scenes from the Apocalypse«

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Master of the Erbach Panels (Giotto di Bondone?) (c. 1330/1340)
»Scenes from the Apocalypse«

Tempera on poplar wood

These two panels count among the most detailed mediaeval representations of the Apocalypse. As many as 44 paintings depict Saint John the Evangelist’s visionary revelation of the future.

Their showing at the Giotto exhibition in the Holy Year 2000 indeed seemed to substantiate Vasari’s claim that Giotto had painted scenes from the Apocalypse for King Robert of Naples. The receptiveness of the House of Anjou to this theme was doubtless due the legendary origins of this royal dynasty. Art historians cannot rule out the possibility that the panels were once kept at the royal family’s sepulchral church, Santa Chiara.

Nevertheless, the significance of the panels is more closely bound up with the courtly than with the liturgical. Indeed, Giotto’s social status in this courtly context was comparable with that of the office of a »peintre du roi«. Although extremely little is known about the origin and original use of the panels, they nevertheless reflect Giotto’s influence on Neapolitan trecento painting during his period of residence in Naples (between 1328 and 1333). [ Rv ]

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