History of the Staatsgalerie

The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart consists of three buildings that reflect different notions of the function of museum architecture.

The oldest part, now referred to as the Alte Staatsgalerie, was opened in 1843 as the city's museum of visual arts. The architect was Gottlob Georg von Barth, an Oberbaurat or senior advisor on building and construction in the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Württemberg. In addition to art collections, the classicistic, three-wing building was also home to the Royal Art Academy. In the period from 1881 to 1888, the building was enlarged with two rear wings in accordance with plans drawn up by Albert von Bok.

In 1984, the 19th century structure (the interior of which had been significantly altered as a result of damage in World War II and rebuilding in the 1950s) was strikingly enhanced by James Stirling's major addition: the »Neue Staatsgalerie«. While the Neue Staatsgalerie continues to reflect the three-wing design of the Alte Staatsgalerie, it also makes the museum itself an object of aesthetic contemplation. Many aspects of the new building pay homage to historical structures from antiquity to classic modernism, and particular emphasis is given to elements of classic museum architecture such as the rotunda, gables, and entableture. Together, they define the museum as a place that ambiguously and, at times, ironically reflects its own history and significance.

The third element in the ensemble is the new addition to the Alte Staatsgalerie designed by the Basle architects Winfrid & Katharina Steib. The five-story edifice, completed in September 2002, forms a cohesive unit with Albert von Bok’s additions and includes an annex for the presentation of works on paper. The other floors are the new home of the Department of Prints, Drawings and Photographs. With their simple design, devoted to utility and spatial clarity, the architects define the museum as a place wholly subordinated to supporting the exhibition of various forms and genres of art. [ CC ]

Heute im Museum

14:30 Uhr
Die Rolle des Hofgemäldeinspectors Heinrich Gaudenz von Rustige

18:30 Uhr
Königliche Sammellust. König Wilhelm I. von Württemberg als Sammler und Förderer der Künste
Junge Freunde Staatsgalerie

19:30 Uhr
»Preisend mit viel schönen Reden...« Galeriekonzert im Vortragssaal der Staatsgalerie


Die Räume 34-42 sind derzeit geschlossen!
Die Räume 34-42 im OG Stirling-Bau sind wegen Umhängung geschlossen. Wir bitten um Verständnis!

Das »Triadische Ballett« im Kammertheater am 25.11.2014
Die Karten für das Gastspiel des Bayerischen Staatsballetts sowie deren Live-Übertragung in den Vortragssaal der Staatsgalerie sind ausverkauft!

Mit der Bahn zu Oskar Schlemmer...
...mit dem Sparpreis Kultur innerhalb von 3 Tagen zur Ausstellung "Oskar Schlemmer" und zurück. Ab 39 EUR. Bis zu vier Mitfahrer sparen jeweils 10 EUR. Erhältlich unter www.bahn.de/kultur Mehr …

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