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01.12.2012 – 28.04.2013

FLUXUS stands for an art movement initiated in the 1960s by visual artists, musicians and scientists who radically rejected common notions of art. The pro tagonists’ fundamentally rebellious attitude led to absurd performances, bizarre objects and humorous ‘events’. This ‘anti-art’ has meanwhile long had its place in museums. Yet the endeavour of FLUXUS to blur the boundaries between art and everyday life nevertheless proves highly suspenseful. The diverse experiments with different materials and forms of expression continue to provoke thought about art. In 2012, the year marking FLUXUS’ fiftieth anniversary, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is dedicating a comprehensive show to the movement and its chief exponents with objects from the Hanns Sohm Archive. In the possession of the Staatsgalerie since 1981, this archive houses one of the most important FLUXUS collections worldwide.


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