Images of Peace in Europe, 1450–1815: The Art of Diplomacy – The Diplomacy of Art

01.12.2012 – 07.04.2013

The making and maintenance of peace are central themes of Early Modern history. The exhibition will document the conclusions of the research project entitled »Übersetzungsleistungen von Diplomatie und Medien« (»Translation Achievements of Diplomacy and Media«). Project head Dr Cornelia Manegold carried out research on images of peace and peace treaties in German and European collections. Their role in the depiction of good governance and peace diplomacy is particularly evident in the pictorial reports on peace conclusions and portraits of envoys to the European peace congresses. In addition to works from the Department of Prints, Drawings and Photographs, loans from other local institutions will also be on view. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting the project until 2012 within the framework of its special programme on »Übersetzungsfunktion der Geisteswissenschaften« (»The Translation Function of the Humanities«).

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