»It's John. John Cage.«

In Honour of His 100th Birthday

21.07. – 11.11.2012

John Cage, one of the twentieth century’s most preeminent artistic figures, succeeded in transcending the boundaries between the visual arts, music and dance, and in literally »living« art: »I have the desire to just erase the difference between art and life.« A close friend of Marcel Duchamp’s, Cage carried the latter’s ideas further with a spirit of experimentation almost radical in quality. As an artist for whom accident and coincidence frequently played a central role in the execution of his compositions and works of visual art, Cage was to provide important impulses for the Happening and Fluxus movements. The Kabinett exhibition will pay homage to the artist on the occasion of his one-hundredth birthday as well as the twentieth anniversary of his death with works from the Staatsgalerie’s holdings – particularly the Department of Prints, Drawings and Photographs and the Sohm Archive. The accompanying programme organized by the art mediation department will focus on John Cage, the composer.

Heute im Museum

14:00 Uhr
Basiswissen Kunst - Führungen für Einsteiger
Basiswissen Kunst

15:00 Uhr
Königliche Sammellust. König Wilhelm I. von Württemberg als Sammler und Förderer der Künste

16:00 Uhr
Allan Kaprow und die amerikanische Kunst der 1960er-Jahre
Führung für Mitglieder der Freunde der Staatsgalerie

16:00 Uhr
Große Gefühle
Führung in einfachem Deutsch


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