Turner - Monet - Twombly

Later Paintings

11.02. – 28.05.2012

All three of these artists tested the boundaries of painting and radically challenged the traditional manner of artistic depiction. Well-considered juxtapositions will provide visitors with opportunities to contemplate each artist’s personal style as well as insights into the late phases of their careers. In his storm-blown seascapes, the English painter William Turner (1775–1851) developed an abstract pictorial language which was then taken up by the Impressionists. Claude Monet (1840–1926) realized the motifs in series of water lily paintings with differing light atmospheres. The works of Cy Twombly (1928–2011) offer a perspective on Turner and Monet from the vantage point of contemporary art. A prominent exponent of Abstract Expressionism, the American developed the poetic pictorial language further in his mythological compositions. The exhibition at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart will not only unite three great painters, but also shed new light on each of their individual oeuvres.

Heute im Museum

12:00 Uhr
Oskar Schlemmer - Visionen einer neuen Welt

14:00 Uhr
Oskar Schlemmer - Visionen einer neuen Welt

15:00 Uhr
Oskar Schlemmer - Visionen einer neuen Welt

16:00 Uhr
Pyramide, Kreis, Quadrat - Komposition und ihre Lehre
Führung für Mitglieder der Freunde der Staatsgalerie

16:30 Uhr
Sonderführung durch die Ausstellung »Oskar Schlemmer - Visionen einer neuen Welt«


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