»… just paper, and yet the whole world …«

The Department of Prints, Drawings and Photographs Celebrates its 200th Anniversary

17.07. – 01.11.2010

By the Old Masters from Martin Schongauer, Albrecht Dürer and Hans Burgkmair to Rembrandt; the great Italians Raphael, Giambattista Tiepolo and Giovanni Battista Piranesi; the German Romanticists Caspar David Friedrich and Philipp Otto Runge; the Frenchmen Eugène Delacroix and Auguste Rodin as book illustrators; representatives of Classical Modern art such as Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso and Max Beckmann; the Expressionists Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Oskar Kokoschka and Otto Dix; Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein as exponents of Pop Art; and contemporary artists from Patti Smith – the iconic figure of the Punk and New Wave movement – to Tomma Abts and Tacita Dean.

In a selection of some three hundred outstanding works, paper-based art will be featured in all its various media: drawings, watercolours, prints, illustrated books, posters, collages, photographs and video art on the theme of paper. Various surprises are in store for the visitor, for example the sketchy pencil drawing of a small running Amor by Caspar David Friedrich (1806) or the curious crumpled-paper work n° 88 by Martin Creed (1995).

The continual expansion of its holdings is essential to the Department of Printsb and Drawings Under the heading »Wish List«, one entire room in the show will accordingly be devoted to works deemed desirable for enhancing the collection in the area of contemporary art: loans will be presented here with the aim of acquiring them for the department in cooperation with dedicated patrons.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a catalogue, published by Hatje Cantz Verlag (308 pages, 250 illustrations, in German), is on sale at the museum shop for 29.80 euros.

Curators: Dr. Corinna Höper, Dr. Hans-Martin Kaulbach, Alice Koegel
Assistant curators: Dr. des. Vera Klewitz, Dr. des. Dagmar Schmengler

Heute im Museum

15:00 Uhr
Königliche Sammellust. König Wilhelm I. von Württemberg als Sammler und Förderer der Künste


Das »Triadische Ballett« im Kammertheater am 25.11.2014
Die Karten für das Gastspiel des Bayerischen Staatsballetts sowie deren Live-Übertragung in den Vortragssaal der Staatsgalerie sind ausverkauft!

Mit der Bahn zu Oskar Schlemmer...
...mit dem Sparpreis Kultur innerhalb von 3 Tagen zur Ausstellung "Oskar Schlemmer" und zurück. Ab 39 EUR. Bis zu vier Mitfahrer sparen jeweils 10 EUR. Erhältlich unter www.bahn.de/kultur Mehr …

Audio-Guide zur Sammlung...
... auch in Gebärdensprache ist für 5 Euro erhältlich. Die Audio-Führung für Kinder kostet 2,50 Euro.

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